Obtain a license

Become a licensee with a package to cover all your needs to deliver a Friends program

Partner Training

Complete our online trainings module and acquire the skills needed to deliver a successful social-emotional wellbing program for children to youths and to adults

Schedule the course programs

Setup up the resilience program relevant to your target age group, and provide the necessary online access for your community setting whether it be school, clinic, practice, group or any other organisational setting

Deliver the program

The final step is for our trained Facilitators to deliver the Friends program, with a focus on successful and sustainable outcomes for the wellbeing of our whole community participating across the globe

Licensing FAQs
The license cost is determined by a variety of factors including the licensee’s implementation plan, overall reach, and organisation size.
Yes, you must sign a license agreement and become a licensed partner before you can enrol in training.
Yes, accredited facilitators must be registered allied health professionals or education professionals including:
  • Doctors and medical specialists
  • Teaching professionals
  • Speech therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists and counsellors
  • Childcare workers
The license cost is determined by a variety of factors including the licensee’s implementation plan, overall reach and organisation size.
All licenses are valid for three years. Once the license has expired, a new license must be entered into and license fee paid to continue using the FRIENDS Programs. Not-for-profit organisations do not have any additional costs. Organisations who intend to generate a profit from using the Programs will have to pay royalties.
All training is delivered online via GoToMeeting in an interactive format. Training materials do not need to be ordered, training attendees are provided with PowerPoint slides.
Once an organisation becomes a licensed partner and the selected employees have undertaken Train the Trainer training, the employees are able to train as many other staff as necessary to become Facilitators. Facilitator training can be undertaken in-house and at no extra cost to the organisation.
Individuals, organisations, grants from communities or not-for-profit organisations.
Approach and request grants from humanitarian and not-for-profit organisations such as Rotary using the FRIENDS Proposal/Info Summary booklet.

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