Adult Resilience


The Adult Resilience curriculum provides innovative, coping, resilience skills for adults of all ages and all walks of life. The human brain is capable of lifelong improvement, and it is never too late to learn positive coping tools. It is specially useful for existing and expecting parents, to increase their resilience, parenting skills, and ensure that the FRIENDS “language” is spoken at home. If the whole family participates, everyone will be empowered with effective ways to cope.

The Adult Resilience program is ideal for adults who may be dealing with a dramatic increase in pressure from school (or finishing high school), choosing a career, social lives, and home. This may lead to stress and anxiety about exams, relationships, and body image, among other things. Because of this, it is not uncommon for teenagers to experience anxiety or depression, which limits their ability to thrive during this time. The Adult Resilience program equips participants with the skills necessary to rise to and overcome these challenges. This enables them to find fulfilment in creativity and productivity and flourish in whatever stage of life.

Backed by years of research, the Adult Resilience program is evidence-based and proven to equip participants to be the best version of themselves, and reduce anxiety by equipping them with skills and tools such as:

  • Relaxation techniques similar to those used by athletes
  • Mindfulness skills and exercises to stay in the moment, focus, and relax
  • Prevent bullying
  • Resist peer pressure and develop positive relationships
  • Compromising in tricky situations and avoiding conflict
  • Choosing appropriate role models
  • Setting realistic and achievable life or study goals
  • Organisation and focus skills
  • Developing non-internet-based friendships and relationships

Developed by Dr Paula Barrett, the Adult Resilience program has helped the lives of thousands of participants by providing tools to navigate the challenges of adolescence into adulthood. The Adult Resilience program has also helped families become stronger, as parents may apply the skills learnt from undertaking the Adult Resilience Program in their own lives.

The effectiveness of the FRIENDS Programs is independent of the chosen mode of delivery.
Accordingly, the mode of delivery is entirely flexible, provided the following three guidelines are met:
  • 01 Facilitators have first been trained in the program/s being delivered;
  • 02 The sequence and structure of the program/s is followed; and
  • 03 Each participant receives his or her own private book, which can be used to review the skills practiced, during delivery of the programs. For example, at home with parents, carers, siblings or extended family.
Specifically, the following modes of delivery can be used and adapted to suit the needs of the participants and school curriculum:
  • 1.5 hour weekly sessions over a single school term (preferably term 2 or 3);
  • 45min weekly sessions over the course of 2 school terms (preferably terms 2 and 3);
  • 15min daily sessions (after morning tea), where the same activity is repeated daily for a few weeks, using new examples until the skills become second nature;
  • School holiday programs – 2 hours across 5 days; and/or
  • Weekend intensives - over 2-3 full days.

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