In response to the current global pandemic, we have developed a new ‘Start Building Family Resilience’ program. This program creates a unique opportunity for a paradigm shift in resilience training and offers support at a population health level. It offers a preventative strategy to help people cope with the loss of loved ones and illness in the family and helps to ensure people acquire positive coping skills.

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Friends Resilience

Welcome! Our platform allows you to learn more about FRIENDS Resilience. You can join our international community, and learn effective, sustainable Resilience Skills.

Why Us?

The Friends Resilience Skills have been used worldwide for more than 30 years!

The FRIENDS RESILIENCE SKILLS have been endorsed by the World Health Organisation as best practice for the prevention of anxiety and depression.

Our books and resources have developmentally appropriate techniques for different age groups, from young children to adults. The Friends Resilience Skills are updated regularly to integrate innovative, state of the art concepts and techniques, proved effective by published, peer reviewed research.

We are unique world wide, with our ongoing improvements, and our current, updated 8th edition of Friends' curricula.

The Programs are broken down into four age-appropriate modules

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Young Children

The Fun FRIENDS curriculum helps build the social and emotional skills of young children by using fun, play-based group activities. By learning resilience skills early in their development, children build confidence to facilitate a smooth transition into school life. Fun FRIENDS nurtures positive relationships with family and peers, encouraging children to thrive.

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FRIENDS for Life is a social skills and resilience curriculum, that has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective tool set to prevent anxiety for children. It is proven to reduce anxiety and provide participants with strategies to rise to life’s challenges, and bounce back from setbacks and adversity. FRIENDS for Life also improves social-emotional skills, the ability to focus, confidence, the capacity to relax, regulate emotions, and develop empathy.

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My FRIENDS Youth is a comprehensive curriculum, that empowers young people with the necessary tools to overcome life challenges, in positive ways. The skills learnt empower youth to deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety, and teaching self-regulation. It also helps develop self-confidence, and problem solving skills. My FRIENDS Youth is evidence-based, and has been proven to increase resilience, and decrease anxiety and depression.

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Essential information video about Adult Resilience


The Adult Resilience curriculum provides innovative, coping, resilience skills for adults of all ages and all walks of life. The human brain is capable of lifelong improvement, and it is never too late to learn positive coping tools. It is specially useful for existing and expecting parents, to increase their resilience, parenting skills, and ensure that the FRIENDS “language” is spoken at home. If the whole family participates, everyone will be empowered with effective ways to cope.

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The FRIENDS programs are designed to build life-long resilience in individuals, families and communities. Here is a video from those experiencing more engaged and flourishing lives as a result of undertaking the program.


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How can FRIENDS help you?

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One in five children and adolescents have an anxiety disorder. A child or adolescent experiencing an anxiety disorder may experience inhibited personal development, academic underachievement, social isolation or depression. The FRIENDS programs were developed to empower those undertaking the program with the skills necessary to not only manage and prevent anxiety, but become engaged and thriving individuals.

In addition to being endorsed by the World Health Organisation, the FRIENDS Programs are proven to be effective in promoting social and emotional skills cross-culturally. The skill sets acquired through FRIENDS programs are intended for long term use. With occasional refreshers these skills can be maintained for many years following the completion of the program.